Mary E. Hutchinson’s “Don Sheldon”

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Don Sheldon Mary E. Hutchinson’s portrait of her friend “Don Sheldon” (1950) is currently featured on my digital catalogue site at  Hutchinson and Sheldon became friends after she moved away from New York and back to her home town, Atlanta, in 1945.  I believe that Sheldon was a window dresser for Rich’s Department Store who later attempted a career as a stand-up comedian.

Hutchinson exhibited the painting in 1953 at a New York exhibition of Georgia artists sponsored by the National Association of Women Artists which she had been a member of since 1934.

However, she painted the work in 1950 – and it is one of the few paintings with direct documentation for exactly when she painted it.  A series of snapshot photos dated 1950 show Hutchinson working at her easel.

Don Sheldon 1

Don Sheldon 2

Don Sheldon 3


Mary E. Hutchinson’s “Greenhouse”

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GreenhouseI’ve just added “Greenhouse” to my digital catalogue “work in progress” site Artworks of Mary E. Hutchinson.  It was one of a series of boat paintings Hutchinson produced in 1931-1932 in an attempt to break into New York’s speculative art market.  It worked with “Greenhouse” which sold to California collector Chauncey Goodrich on the first day of exhibition at an unknown New York gallery in 1932.  I have not been able to track down the current location of the painting.  For more information on “Greenhouse” and Hutchinson, check out  See also, last week’s post on “Wanderer.”

I would love to hear from anyone who has information on Chauncey Goodrich and/or the location of this painting!

Wanderer Featured on Mary E. Hutchinson site

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This painting with an unknown title that I informally call “Wanderer” (ca. 1931) is currently featured on Artworks of Mary E. Hutchinson, my digital catalogue “work in progress” at unknown [Wanderer]  It is one of a series of boat paintings she produced as landscapes in response to advice from New York galleries to make her work more commercially viable.  The Opportunity Gallery, which was associated with high profile artists including Walter Pach, John Sloan, Georgia O’Keeffe, Rockwell Kent, Robert Henri, and Charles Demuth who acted as exhibition “Czar”, specifically advised Hutchinson to paint landscapes to break into the speculative New York art market.  The strategy worked, and though she never exhibited at the Opportunity Gallery, she did begin to sell work and draw media attention at exhibitions such as the Washington Square sidewalk show.

Here’s an excerpt from a letter to her mother, Minnie Belle Hutchinson, describing her hikes to sketch and paint boats:

Circa November 24, 1931 – “I was over the river all day, painting.  I made my paint box as light as possible.  The children of the neighborhood just swarmed around me like bees…. I always enjoy the ferry ride over and back…. Two more days out, and more painting at home, and I hope to finish this one.  I have a smaller sketch ready for another painting.  It is of a single boat with barges on the side.”

Oops! Correction! “Man in Blue”

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The owner of “Man in Blue” tells me that according to family tradition the model for the painting is Philip Lanza – not Phil Singer.  Philip Lanza was the brother of Joanna Lanza who lived with Hutchinson from 1931-1935.  Lanza came from a large family and Hutchinson painted many portraits of her sisters.

Recently Found Hutchinson Painting!

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Man in BlueI’ve recently located Mary E. Hutchinson’s painting probably titled “Man in Blue” (ca. 1932) through this blog!  The subject is most likely Phil Singer who was a friend of the artist.  Hutchinson exhibited “Man in Blue” in New York and at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art in 1932.  For more information, check out Artworks of Mary E. Hutchinson, my digital catalogue “work in progress” site.

Mary E. Hutchinson’s “Aria Trista”

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Check out “Aria Trista” now featured at Artworks of Mary E. Hutchinson, the digital catalogue I curate.  Hutchinson’s partner, Joanna Lanza, served as the model for this early painting (ca. 1931), and the composition is similar to the portrait of “Joanna [with pillow]”.

Aria TristaHutchinson exhibited “Aria Trista” numerous times in New York, and also in Atlanta as part of her large summer solo show at the High Museum of Art in 1932.  She appears to have sold it after her ca. 1938-39 retrospective exhibition staged at the Barbizon Hotel for Women.  The location of the painting is currently unknown.

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