Interested in Mary E. Hutchinson, artist? Contact me!

April 7, 2013 § 8 Comments

The Student

The Student (c.1937)

Are you interested in the artwork of Mary E. Hutchinson?  I am a Women’s Studies scholar who has been researching and writing about Hutchinson for the past ten years.  I am currently revising my dissertation, “Mary E. Hutchinson: The Absence of an Oeuvre,” for publication.  You can contact me by leaving a comment below!

Rosalie [tropical background]

Rosalie (1933)

I’ve had a flurry of new visitors (especially from Canada) to my “work in progress” digital catalog of Hutchinson’s artwork at since “Rosalie” (1933) recently sold at auction.  I would love to learn who was lucky enough to snap up this one!

§ 8 Responses to Interested in Mary E. Hutchinson, artist? Contact me!

  • Michael Rosch says:

    I believe I have a very small portrait etching by Mary e.Hutchenson and would be interested in sending you an image for any insight you might be able to share.
    Thank you

  • madeline says:

    Hello there,
    My father has an oil painting of a woman resting her face on her fist that he bought at a yard sale years ago. The artist is Mary E. Hutchinson and is from the 30’s. Let me know if you’d like me to send pictures, I’d love to hear of what you gather.

  • Jane Simon says:

    I just saw one of her paintings of Lola on Antique Roadshow. They said she was from Atlanta. I’m a native Atlantan and I’d like more info about her. Are there any books or anything available ?

  • kami blue says:

    Thanks for your hard work on the digital catalog! Do you have any biographical information on her muses?

    Thanks again

  • Jennifer says:

    I have an etching that appears to be signed by a Mary Hutchinson. I wonder if you wouldn’t mind looking at the image to help me determine if it is the same Mary Hutchinson in your research? Thank You.

  • John Bocchichio says:

    I am interested in paintings by Mary Hutchinson. Please contact me

  • Laurenthia Mesh says:

    She taught art at st Pius. She had paintings I saw left in the old ship house where she lived,
    The iron horse, the granite house across from the high museum. Paintings done when she lived in New York with Chinese man, her roommate and fellow painter, and parrot in a cage.
    Laurenthia 404 403 1851

  • Landers Sandra says:

    I purchased a painting by Mary E Hutchinson from a yard sale site. It is a rather large oil painting of water lilies. Any record of this type of painting? I’d love for you to see a picture!

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